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Jackrabbit Parole RPG

a GM-less prison break RPG

GameChef 2023 has come and gone. I was glad to see the competition return this year, given that the last one was held back in 2019 and I thought I'd missed my opportunity to participate. For those unfamiliar with GameChef, it's an event where people create an entire TTRPG in a couple of weeks, based around a central theme.

This year's theme was "Secrets". Additionally, we had to include at least two of the four extra ingredients: moonlight, wicked, drawn and artifice.

My final entry is a prison-break TTRPG for 3+ players. There's a hidden traitor, a drawing mechanic, and quite a lot of chaos with simulataneous scenes and turns. You choose a prison setting and work together to create the perfect escape plan, while trying to keep it secret from The Snitch.

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